Affiliates – How it works

How it works

Join our Affiliate Program – It`s FREE!

When you join our affiliate program, you will be able to share information from our website in the form of links, banners, social media, and earn a commission if anyone purchases something from our website.


Who is this for?

Everyone. If you have a website, or a blog, where you write about, say cannabis plants, or you do reviews; you can share information about our products, or you can include banners as ads on your website. If you just have a whole bunch of friends who enjoy topics around cannabis, you can share any content from our website via your social media accounts, such as Instagram, Reddit, Facebook (either post on your timeline, or just send a message to a friend via FB Messenger).


How does it really work?

When you register for the affiliate program, you will have a unique affiliate ID created. This ID will be attached to each individual link you share from our website and the behaviour of that link is tracked via a unique cookie (this is a standard stuff used by pretty much every website these days). Once someone clicks your shared link, a cookie is added to their internet browser and is active for 90 days. If that person goes to our website within 90 days from clicking the link and buys something, you get paid.


Steps to join our affiliate program.

You can register inside the Affiliate Area – click here.

Once you submit your registration, we will review and approve it. You will receive an email in each case.


What to do next.

  1. Log into your affiliate dashboard here. At the bottom of the Overview section, you will find link generator. It appends your unique ID to any link found on our website. You can either share a link to our website homepage, or any specific page, for instance HPLC tester.
  2. Share these unique links wherever you wish – as part of your blog, in social media, etc.
  3. Banners – these are code snippets that you can share on a website.
  4. Social media sharing – you can share via your social media directly from our website without using links. You can do this by using the social media sharing buttons displayed on each web page. However, in order for these to be tracked, you must be logged into the affiliate area before sharing with the sharing buttons.

How much did I make?

You can see statistics about how your efforts are performing in the Dashboard area. You will see hits, visits, referrals, where the traffic is coming from, and how much you made.


When do I get paid?

If someone buys anything using your unique affiliate links, you will be notified via email about the purchase as soon as the customer pays for the order and we ship out the order. This is an automated process. You will then have money transferred to your bank account by a wire payment or via Paypal within 7 days.


How much will I get paid?

Please have a look at our Affiliates Commission Rates



Send us an email to [email protected]