Barbara Bud cannabis strain potency

Barbara Bud Cannabis Strain

Barbara Bud Strain THC Cannabis Testing Simplified

Highest Measured Values

Total THC 20.61%
Total CBD <0.03%
Total CBG 0.33%
Date TestedTotal THCTotal CBDTotal CBGTotal Cannabinoids
April 30, 202120.61<0.030.3323.85
Barbara Bud Strain THC results Cannabis Testing Simplified
Barbara Bud Strain THC chromatogram Cannabis Testing Simplified

Barbara Bud cannabis strain is a potent indica dominant hybrid that can produce some really deep effects. Users describe it as having an initial cerebral stimulation which fades into deeply relaxing and warming body buzz starting from the spine, slowly ebbing out throughout your entire self. The high THC level averages at around 15-19%, but sometimes reaches up to 25%. This makes for mostly Indica highs with occasional Sativa notes in potencies.


Barbara Bud is a potent strain that can cause anxiety in some people. It’s not recommended for those with severe disorders such as chronic stress or pain due to injury/illness since it may heighten their symptoms, but seems ideal when treating mild-moderate cases of depression because its effects are more relaxing than stimulating.


The aroma of these buds is a cross between fruity and earthy with an understated sweetness that lasts for quite some time. The taste starts out enjoyable but subtle before becoming more pronounced in the aftertaste – it’s hard to resist! These dark green nugs have long hairs covered by fine white crystals; they’re perfect when smoked because their density makes them feel heavy on your tongue while still being light enough so you don’t get too high.


Main terpenes:

D-Limonene, Guiaol, Selina-3, 7(11)- diene, Caryophyllene, Valencene

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