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Cannabis Concentrates Test Results

GOODSHIP – THC Cooking Oil Blend

Reported Values:

THC: 5.2 mg/mL

  CBD: <0.1 mg/mL


Total THC: 5.2 mg/mL

Total CBD: <0.1 mg/mL

cannabis testing simplified THC cooking oil

Our Measured Values:

 THC: 4.9 mg/mL               THCA: <0.03 mg/mL

CBD: 0.15 mg/mL             CBDA: <0.03 mg/mL

CBG: <0.03 mg/mL            CBN: <0.03 mg/mL

Total THC: 4.9 mg/mL

Total CBD: 0.15 mg/mL

cannabis testing simplified cooking oil

SOLEI – Balance Harmoniser

Reported Values:

THC: 4.93 mg/mL

  CBD: 4.98 mg/mL


Total THC: 4.93 mg/mL

Total CBD: 4.98 mg/mL

Balance Harmoniser Cannabis Testing Simplified

Our Measured Values:

 THC: 4.97 mg/mL               THCA: 0.00 mg/mL

CBD: 5.38 mg/mL             CBDA: 0.02 mg/mL

CBG: 0.14 mg/mL            CBN: 0.16 mg/mL

Total THC: 4.97 mg/mL

Total CBD: 5.40 mg/mL

Balance Harmoniser Cannabis Testing Simplified Spectrum