Cannabis Testing Expertise

Cannabis Testing Expertise

Cannabis testing expertise – with most of the HPLCs on the market, the manufacturer will tell you that the creation of the calibration curves with standards is pretty straightforward and you are set – unfortunately, there is a world of difference between developing calibration curves from standards and testing real samples.

Then there are those with HPLCs that already have calibration curves developed – again from standards.


And then there is us!

Our cannabis HPLC instruments don`t come only with calibration curves built from standards. They come with deep expertise in cannabis testing gained by testing hundreds of real-life samples for our local community of growers, extractors, cannabis products manufacturers. Our instruments come with:

  1. Validated sample preparation protocols tested in real life. Do you have flower, tincture, extract, chocolate, or drink? We`ve tested it all and optimized and validated the sampling protocols. We are on the ASTM D37 Committee on Cannabis helping shape these protocols based on our experience.
  2. Validated testing methods including a variety of interferences and sample matrices.
  3. Second-to-none technical support and help with method development.
Cannabis testing expertise