Cannabis Testing Know-how

Cannabis Testing Know-how

Do you already own an HPLC and are looking to add cannabis testing capability? We can help.

We offer this package:

  1. Validated HPLC cannabis testing methods.
  2. Our C18 HPLC column + guard column – value of $1,040.
  3. 1L of HPLC buffer (used to control pH during testing) – value of $200 – good for ca. 200 tests.
  4. Validated sample preparation protocols – specific to a large variety of cannabis products, including edibles and beverages.
  5. Standard operating procedures (SOP).
  6. License to our CTI Log – it is our excel-based software that handles below functionality:
    1. Laboratory sample management to track your tests and samples
    2. Customizable report generation (lab report or certificate of analysis) – you would need to be able to export results from your current HPLC software as excel file + chromatogram as pdf
    3. Auditable quality control of your testing methods
    4. Customer log
    5. Maintenance log

This is based on Excel and the license would be for one year; after which you decide whether to continue licensing for a monthly fee. The software has the calibration curves built-in and they are not accessible for proprietary reasons. Once you have experience, you may decide to continue licensing, or just build own curves and report generation software.

7. Access to our training portal (as long as you continue licensing the package) – it has training on our HPLC, but a lot of it would be applicable to your situation as well. You would learn about HPLC and its operation, cannabis sample preparation, HPLC troubleshooting and maintenance. Publicly accessible version can be found here –

8. Technical support – we would be available anytime you have questions regarding HPLC (troubleshooting, maintenance, etc.) or cannabinoids testing, sample prep, further method development.

Total THC, Total CBD, Total CBG, d9-THC, d8-THC, THCa, THCV, THCVa, CBD, CBDa, CBDV, CBG, CBGa, CBC, CBN, CBL

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We take accuracy of our instruments, validation of test methods, and sampling protocols extremely seriously. With our instrument, you will be operating like a certified professional lab. In fact, you can see a comparison of our results to other ca. 140 labs in North America in a quality control comparison study here.


Here is more info:

Detection limit of most cannabinoids is 0.03ug/mL (30ppb, 0.000003%)

Lower Limit of Quantification (LLOQ)

The lower limit of quantification (LLOQ) is the lowest amount of a cannabinoid in a sample that can be quantitatively determined with suitable precision and accuracy using the corresponding method and dilution rates. All values below this threshold are reported as NR – None Reported.

CompoundPlant LLOQ (%,w/w)High % Concentrate LLOQ (%,w/w)
Note: LLOQ values are dependent on sample dilution. These are values for standard methods but can be modified with dilution in case of need.


Reproducibility of results

Below are results of measuring a typical hemp sample, followed by an image of stacked 3 consecutive measurements. There are two observations from this measurement:

  1. The retention times are consistent and repeatable, giving the confidence in the ability to correctly identify the correct cannabinoids.
  2. The measured concentrations are very repeatable as indicated by height/area of each peak. The calculated relative standard deviation (RSD) in this case ranges from 1.19% to 1.70%, while for cannabinoids with very low concentrations manifested as very small peaks (in this sample CBN, d9-THC, and d9-THCA) the calculated RSD ranges from 4.62% to 5.63%. In case of need to further refine the latter 3 compounds and improve both accuracy and RSD, the sample would simply be less diluted resulting in higher peaks for these 3 compounds.
Cannabis Testing Simplified CBD sample

Cannabis Testing Simplified CBD sample


Cannabis testing Low CBD repeatability RSD 2

Cannabis Testing Know-how – Low CBD repeatability RSD

Cannabinoids Testing Process Flow Chart

Cannabinoids Testing Process Flow Chart

We try to expand the financing options to help our customers acquire the instrument.


  1. Direct purchase – contact us to get a quote. We accept cryptocurrency transactions.
  2. Financing – we partner with financing firms in cannabis industry to help our customers acquire the instrument. Learn more here.

Contact us to get a quote or with any questions.


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