Terpenes HPLC testing kit

Terpenes HPLC Testing Kit

Our terpenes HPLC testing kit allows you to measure 28 terpenes with your own HPLC instrument. Out of the 28 terpenes, 26 can be measured in cannabis without interference. This affordable kit is an excellent solution without a need for buying a gas chromatogram (GC).

Our terpenes HPLC testing kit includes:

  • calibrated and tested HPLC column
  • test methods and calibration curves
  • sample preparation protocols
  • MS Excel-based software for data analysis and report generation
  • standard solution containing 28 terpenes
  • chemicals to prepare the mobile phase
  • automatic pipette with tips

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Tested terpenes
Beta-PineneDelta 3 CareneHumeleneIso Phytol