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Cannabis Plants Test Results

MOONBEAM (Indica) Whole Flower Cannabis

Reported Values:

THC: 0.43%

CBD: <0.04%


Total THC: 17.9%

Total CBD: <0.04%

moonbeam Cannabis Testing Simplified

Our Measured Values:

 THC: 0.56%               THCA: 20.05%

CBD: <0.02%             CBDA: <0.02%

CBG: 0.39%             CBN: <0.03%

Total THC: 18.0%

Total CBD: <0.02%

moonbeam indica_cannabis testing simplified

PENELOPE (Hybrid) Whole Flower Cannabis

Reported Values:

THC: 0.49%

CBD: 0.11%


Total THC: 8.34%

Total CBD: 7.00%

tweed penelope_cannabis testing simplified

Our Measured Values:

 THC: 1.43%             THCA: 8.01%

CBD: 0.32%             CBDA: 8.17%

CBG: 0.53%             CBN: <0.03%

Total THC: 8.46%

Total CBD: 7.20%

tweed penelope_cannabis testing simplified

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