Black D.O.G. cannabis strain potency

Black D.O.G. Cannabis Strain

Black D.O.G. cannabis strain

Highest Measured Values

Total THC 20.50%
Total CBD 0.02%
Total CBG 0.76%
Date TestedTotal THCTotal CBDTotal CBGTotal Cannabinoids
March 10, 202120.500.020.7624.21

Black D.O.G. cannabis strain is an indica dominant hybrid created through crossing the Emerald Headband strain with a blackberry kush. It has fluffy oversized nuggets that are deep forest green covered in thin clear hairs and have vivid white crystals throughout them which contrast beautifully against their rich undertones of berry flavor when broken apart or smoked due to it having both sativa effects as well as being very potent despite its highcontent on THC content at around 20%.

The flavor is very much like a berry and grape with hints of fresh pine, lightly sweetened earth. The high starts in your mind filling it up nicely until there are no more negative or racing thoughts left behind to worry about; this makes for an amazing cerebral indica experience! Your body will also feel relaxed as you let go into sleep mode during which time its effects last longer than most other types of cannabis strains.

Black D.O.G. cannabis strain is ideal for treating patients suffering from chronic stress, depression, headaches or migraines, insomnia, and chronic pain.


Main terpenes:

limonene, caryophyllene

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