Blood Tuna strain cannabis potency

Blood Tuna Strain

Blood Tuna THC Cannabis Testing Simplified

Highest Measured Values

Total THC 21.26%
Total CBD <0.02%
Total CBG 0.50%
Date TestedTotal THCTotal CBDTotal CBGTotal Cannabinoids
November 04, 202021.26<0.020.5024.76

Blood Tuna strain is an indica dominant cross that can be described as having all the attributes of its Tuna Kush cannabis heritage. Effects include body high, euphoria and relaxation that will lead you to feel sleepy or heavy on your feet due in part from this strain’s strong THC content. Those with chronic pain issues, anxiety, stress, and insomnia would enjoy this strain. The flower gives off dank, diesel, earthy, kush, spicy aromas while tasting dank, diesel, and spicy.

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