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CTInstruments adds support for testing cannabinoids in beverages using their HPLC

Sales of cannabis-infused beverages in the United States grew by 40.3% from $67.8M in 2019 to $95.2M in 2020. The increasing popularity of cannabis-infused beverages is driven by the fact that the new customers are able to start enjoying beverages without having to smoke or learn how to use a dab rig – there is no learning curve and with improving accessibility, this cannabis products category is poised to continue rapid growth.

At CTInstruments, we strive to help industry meet its regulatory and quality control obligations by offering affordable, accurate, and reliable HPLC instruments paired with well-designed and validated testing methods, sampling protocols, calibration curves, and information management systems to accurately and easily test cannabinoids in a variety of products at a very low cost.

In order to address the growing need for accurate testing of cannabinoids in beverages, we developed beverages` methods for our HPLC instruments, validated the testing methods, and added them to our cannabinoids reporting information and management system. From now on, our customers can easily test cannabinoids in beverages and generate reports specifically geared towards beverages.


Download Application Note here.


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Danielle Thuotte

Wow! That’s great to know.

Request link to pre-recorded live DEMO of Cannabis HPLC Analyzer and learn more.
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