Banana cannabis strain potency

Banana Cannabis Strain

Banana Cannabis Strain Testing Simplified

Highest Measured Values

Total THC 20.95%
Total CBD <0.04%
Total CBG 0.40%
Date TestedTotal THCTotal CBDTotal CBGTotal Cannabinoids
March 18, 202120.95<0.040.4024.34

The Banana cannabis strain is a hybrid  cross between two highly sought after marijuana strains; the West Coast OG and Skunk Haze. This indica dominant cannabis plant has an 60% to 40 percent sativa/indica ratio with 18%-25% THC level that provides users both physical relaxation as well mental stimulation.


Banana Kush is the perfect Sleep aids for those suffering from insomnia. The indica potency makes this strain highly sleep inducing, so it’s prescribed to be taken at night time and users find that they can’t stay awake long after taking it due its sedative property which symptoms include pain relief or stress battling sufferers would also benefit greatly with Banana Kushes help in curing their disorders because of how relaxing these qualities are on your body while you’re experiencing them!


It has been used to treat everything from glaucoma and muscular tensions, all the way down to eating disorders! The taste is fruity with a sweet banana like smell.


Main terpenes:

limonene, beta caryophyllene, myrcene, alpha pinene, beta pinene, fenchol.

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