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Cannabis Strain Transparency Project

Cannabis Strain Transparency Project

We would like to introduce you to our Cannabis Strain Transparency Project. Since we started, we have been asked by our customers and friends to show THC potency numbers of measured strains to help them make better decisions, and learn about strains in general. We started publicly disclosing cannabinoids levels in various strains measured using our microHPLC. Our goal is to develop a publicly accessible database of various strains with real-life data to both educate the community of growers, to inspire growers, as well as develop a practical tool for growers with useful tips.


You can add any growing tips you have, as well as review the cannabinoids potency levels in various strains here -> Strain Transparency Project.


To learn more about our $14,990 microHPLC optimized for testing cannabinoids in a simple, accurate, and reliable way, please follow this link.

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